If you publish something on the Internet - whatever, wherever - count it as pirated. The current tool is just small stone, small functionality, that is part of a tool that even Facebook stole (or implemented themselves). The current rework is one small step to make stealing a little bit harder. There is a legacy of putting the creator, the artist, the owner of some creative work on the bottom right side. If you place a semi-transparent image above, it is still possible to be cleared and removed, but it is a little bit harder. The previous copyright notice was croppable by every smartphone. Clearing something semitransparent, requires a paint tool, a zooming, drawing. It's just more work for the thief.

The current tool works entirely in your browser - without transmitting a byte elsewhere.

  1. Choose the percentage of transparency.
  2. Select the main image that will be marked.
  3. Select the watermarking logo.

If all is OK - below - you'll have the result of the work. You could save it by clicking the right button and save. On mobile phones it is by holding the finger on it. Just in case - there is also a Download Button.

If you have any feedback, you could write me back.