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As a person that has logical and software developer thinking, after I saw how much E numbers there are in the everyday foods, I created the site What You Eat. In it I gradually showed the relations between:

Връзката на храната с всичко останало
The relations of the food with everything else

I created a blog where I started to write about all the things related to the food ( and not only ), that I didn’t succeed to structure and save in a database format. At this stage I realized the deeper meaning and importance of the habits to the health and to everything else.

My next creation in which I have described all this information and knowledge learned from the past few years in details, in one place, is my e-book – My Path To The Health.
This is book that tells the story of the path of my enlightenment about the food, the habits, the health and success. It has my five year experience, information, research, observation, reading books, articles, watching videos, analysis on me and the people around me – about the effect of the food products and the way of thinking over the health.

The beginning of the book you could read freely in this PDF File:

My Path to The Health Intro

You could see the content and think about is this book for you.

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