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Software Development at ProgramTom.Com

The philosophical purpose of technology and software development as part of it, is to automate work, to minimize or replace entirely the need of labor. The human individuals could move on – to more creative, pleasant, natural activities.

This is a noble goal that we embrace.

Hopefully, all the tools and services that you’ll find here will require less and less human intervention. That includes their purchase, their use, with time, even their improvement. The way of thinking – of time and life-saving mindset, we will “flow” into your life with our help. In the path to automate our own work we’ve created several tools. They generate Source Code, Manage Translations or some specific task in the area of software development.

You could purchase the “core” of the software work done under around software development: – the Code Generator that reaches every other Application that we’ve programmed in the recent years.

The plan is – with the time – more and more software development and business logic work to be exposed as a service and it could work on its own – without someone from our team.

You could shop from the latest software packages from the shop, that are for developers and several of them – simple tools for normal people. You could also read some interesting articles and development stuff in the blog – organized by categories and tags.