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From the article about Data Modelling – here you have a product that could help you with JSON Model Parsing and Processing.

JSON 2 Model Screen 1

The first screen is one big text area and a button to start parsing the JSON.

Tune Up the Data Model

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The second screen is a possibility to Tune Up the Data Model. On the left you have the JSON tree where:

  • The Nodes with children are JSON Object or JSON Array.
  • The “Leaf” Nodes are properties Of objects.

On the right part of the screen is located an input form.

  • Fill up with values by clicking on a element of the tree.
  • Rename the nodes or change the type property of the objects from the “Update” Button.
  • Add” – to add new Child Element in the JSON tree or “Remove” – to remove a node meaningful only for Arrays and Objects.

Generate Model

JSON 2 Model Screen 3

After you’ve finished tuning up – you could click next you’ll arrive at screen 3. It currently has 3 buttons. The first will save your data model as JSON file – named with the current timestamp. Here is an example¬† transformation:

{“id”:2, “name” : “testobject”}



The second button will save your Data Model as Generator App Data Model – one of the core products developed under Program Tom LTD, responsible for many of the sub-products and services. The above example will look like this:

The current version supports only the simple User Interface shown above. On the Back Log – there is an idea – to evolve it to Command Line and to Web Service. With higher priority is to use the transformation to generate something useful for a non-programmer. Stay tuned!!!

P.S. This small JSON parsing app may evolve and the price of the product will probably increase. If you buy it right now, you’ll get receive the bug fixes and the updates for free.

The logo of the product is derivative work from images licensed under creative commons attribution:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JSON#/media/File:JSON_vector_logo.svg and from



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