File Waiter – Serve or Upload Files Between a Computer & Other Devices


File Waiter – Serve or Upload Files Between a Desktop Computer & Other Devices within Your Local Area Network – without any External Help or dependency.

You’ll receive executable Java Jar Program <File Waiter>. Please, first move it to the Folder you want to “Serve” or to Receive Files from your Local Network Devices. Then, Start the Jar File. You should see the following screen:

File Waiter Starter

When you click on this Big Button of the File Waiter, It will Start A Server and it will open Your Browser and will from your local address:

File Waiter Locally

Of course doing something internally on your computer has no meaning. But, there is a button that will show you the IP addresses of your desktop device. After Clicking on any of them, it will refresh a QR Code that is scannable by your Smart Devices. Most often, the address that will be accessible to other gadgets locally is something like http://192.168, or http://10.10.

Scan the QR Code and you’ll be able to to download or upload Files between your handheld Device and your Desktop Computer directly – without an Internet Connection, Cloud Computers or External Services.


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