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License for – Database Application Generator /GeneratorApp/ – Version – All – Executable Build


License for – Database Application Generator – Version All

Generate ready to use programming code and SQL queries around the schemas / Data Models you define.

The supported platforms for the current moment are:


SQL data definition. SQL data manipulation is created as a part of the programming code. Currently the application supports MySQL. More databases will come when needed.

Standard Java This means Java Beans classes, JDBC access code(insert, update, delete, select), JSP pages that exposes the JDBC access code to the web

Standard Java + Google Web Toolkit. GWT Models, GWT UI code, GWT Service code (back-end & front-end)

Vaadin Framework – One Base AddEdit and List Component Classes and  (N) Concrete AddEdit & List Components – based on your definitions

Spring Framework:

  1. Spring JDBC Dao Layer (the others are in Alpha Version) classes for each of your Data Models
  2. Spring Service Layer classes
  3. Spring Controllers – Rest And Web (with ThymeLeaf)
  4. Spring Boot Configurations
  5. Spring Tests for all The Layers – The Model, The Dao, The Service, The Rest layers.


Android – Java & Kotlin, Room & GreenDao Frameworks. The main focus has shifted to Room ORM. Also, The GeneratorApp outputs the code in MVVM structure – Views (Activity & Fragments), Model, ViewModel, Repository classes separated and plugged into the View Model with the help of Thread Executors, and gluing VM to the UI with LiveData Architecture Components.

Early alpha for Xamarin, Swift Core & Swift FMDb – Currently are put on hold and are not actively developed

Angular UI – on hold

Flutter – Mobile and Web Code Generation – using MVVM pattern and code Structure.

IndexedDB Web Database code generation

PHP (with JSON Rest Interfaces and Web)


If you wish the application to generate some specific stuff, you could write to me to There are some Demos of using the Generator On YouTube



The All version will unlock all the features of the application for the and the new platforms and options that I will add in the near future until I decide otherwise.

New type “All” version will be added if the platforms that the application increase significantly.



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