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Flutter Bloc Minimal List – 4

Flutter Bloc Minimal List

In this post I’ll continue my previous one and go into Flutter Bloc Minimal List app/view. You could see the code here: There are not that many differences, but, here are the ones nonetheless:

Minimal List

What more minimal a list could be – a one located in the memory. It’s stored inside a variable of the Bloc Object.

FlutterĀ  Bloc Paginated List

A key aspect of this minimal evolution of the example is – handling the Pagination with a wrapper partial data object. The Flutter rx Bloc family offer a plugin for this. I’ve used simple object like this in my own software. I’ve seen the need for this – time and time again in my career.

  • Never load more than it’s required.
  • Optimize handling big lists for performance in memory

It is valid for:

  • The Database Layer,
  • Application Server Layer,
  • Visual Interface.

Obviously – keeping a list in memory is not optimal, but for the sake of the example it will be there – inside the bloc.


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