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Pixel Perfect is dead, long Live the Pixel Perfect! and Flutter

Pixel Perfect Flutter

Pixel Perfect is death, long Live the Pixel Perfect, and I’ll recommend Flutter – without any personal gain from it! If you code for Web, Desktop, Android, iOS or Flutter as All – you know what I fight against. There are incoming requirements, there are users and customers, there are technical tools and limits. A coder must mix all these things together.

End User Devices

There are Too much choices in devices – for the end users.

There are variations of small, medium and large smartphones, 7, 8, 10, 11 and more inches of tablets, there are monitors – 13, 15, 17 inches for laptops and 19, 22, 24, 27, 32 and even bigger screens for desktops. They could even be used for extension display for mobile device. This even doesn’t include dot per inch and the resolution characteristic.

Especially for the web, usually I user may resize the window to an endless shapes and forms. Generally, a well designed and programmed website or application – must reorder, reflow and adapt the user interface components accordingly. And there are also – endless form factors for Android.

I could add up here – the old devices that, unfortunately in my personal experience, don’t receive any more updates and Flutter doesn’t support them.

Developer Technological Choices

If a coder has the chance and controls the tools that he will use, he will most probably pick:

  • the one that she/he has the most experienced with
  • or that is the most interesting to him/her.

But if you go beyond this subjective limitation, there are endless variations to choose from. You could pick a technology looking at:

  • There are purely technical aspects on the technology – witch are actually for specific business area?
  • There is a soft aspect – which technology most part of the team knows or is waiting to learn.
  • Which technology will actually meet the requirements of the business? All the other stuff that is the North Star of all the software development and coding.

To make things harder many cloud computing providers actually scale up the less performant technologies. A developer could pick from:

  • programming language
  • code architectures,
  • software library
  • cloud computing provider

and many other services that could use the software development but insert another layer of dependency.

And all this stuff is just on the code level – far far away from actually pixels and design.

One of the technologies mixing all the upper stuff most of the time – in one place – is the flutter technology. If you want to make your life hard, you could bring in all the complexity of software architectures. You could bring up cloud providers and APIS and SDKs.

  • With Flutter – you could actually design pixel perfect designs and adapt to the different screen sizes.
  • You Could target Android and iOS, also Web & Desktop

There are alternatives like:

  • Jetpack Compose,
  • Swift UI,
  • The Web with the endless sea of options
  • React Native, Xamarin, and the newest developments from Microsoft.

The choice for User Interface Development has never have been harder.

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