Social Rating in 2021

Social Rating in 2021

Social Rating is mix of a lot of things – especially nowadays in 2021. First, you must value yourself, then you must compare what the market is ready to pay for what you’ve got. Then you must go beyond the packages available and your own limitations to grow beyond the rating or the specialization. Do you compare to a number? Does a number is what ultimately define you?

What you do is not final, because people can change if they want it – really. The progress of health and technology has enlarged the human life to 60-70-80 years and beyond. A lot of the work may be delegated or improved with machines – washing, cleaning, transport, etc.  So, if you detach from the distractions of life – TV, drinking, etc., you could learn new areas and do a lot of more stuff.

Who are you and What you do (currently)?

Three or four years ago I’ve uploaded a video and said – You are what you do, now how it is measured. Do you sit all day in front of screen? Yes, of course it is important to measure stuff – quality, speed, price and so on. But, in the end of the day – time flies away and it will not return back.

Just for the sake of referencing how illusional the measurement is – here is a Zimbabwe Dollar:

The world is endless more complex than the money – there is life, health vs diseases, law, love, natural resources, nations, social media, and more. This is the reason why I point out that social rating is a MIX.

How much people know that you do X, Y, Z?

If anybody is going to contact you personally or some of your representatives, he or she must know what you do. You could archive this by social media, viral trends, friends and family or natural needs – like food, health and so on. This is the outer circle of the Social Rating that is of least importance, but should be big. If it is big enough, the inner circles may be also – bigger – so you could have the chance of archiving your goals and desires.

How much people need X, Y, Z?

How much people need or want what you do? How much people offer the same thing as you? How much people choose you between all offers and how you differ with the other “colleagues”? These questions are essential to archive the next thing.

How much people are ready to choose you (and give you money)?

Money are the “energy” for the business. You will most probably abandon what you do in a long run, if it does not bring you back money. This is because the economy moves the world. Receiving the money is called “closing the deal”. In the modern world – this is the tip of the iceberg, in too many cases the most important.

The only less valuable case where money is not that important is when the subject matter is about life itself. You will not bother to think about money if your life is in danger. Maybe if we all – as a collective start thing more about life – we could grow beyond the measurement systems. But, until, then – good luck with growing beyond them.


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