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WordPress powers most of the Internet because of ease of use, network effect, branding and more so I’ve created a Simple Application Builder using this platform as the backbone. It is proof of concept, so don’t expect a lot.

It could be found here: https://tomavelev.com/wp_app_builder/

You search for the site you wish to turn into an app.  No coding is required from your side. If it is present, you’ll get a link to download it, otherwise – search it again after – for example – an hour – and the backend job will probably have it build for you. For the version 1 – it outputs Android Installation file, but because it is made with the Flutter Framework, I may include packages for Web and Desktop OSes version (Linux, Windows, MacOS).

The result program is the following:

Main Page

It grabs the information from the index page – what is the Site/App About. There are 3 buttons bellow that open the most popular data models entered in the WordPress Database:


It is a lazy loading list with the entered products. Each product opens a detail view and displays the description

Blog Posts

In Very much the same way you could view and load, view and read the blog posts.

The most tricky parts are the pages. Many WordPress sites are just corporate pages with static information with no big changes or evolution over time. Some pages are displayed in special occasion:

  • No Internet Connection page,
  • Cookie/Policy Information Page,
  • “Redirect” Pages.

So, I’ve made a choice to only display records that have order in menu greater than 0. It is field accessible to any administrator of a site.

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