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The Sneaky Level above Software Development

The Sneaky Level above Software Development

There is hidden to the naked eye – Sneaky and hidden level above Software Development. The Online Platforms and Content Management Systems – Free and Paid, self-hosted and rented bring you to the next level of human society.

On one level there is the technical detail. The programming language language, the server, JavaScript, Web, Native, Compiled, Recursion, etc., that are understood by professionals – Software Engineers. And this is just in the IT area. There are endless more professional areas in life.

You’ll find whole another layer. How and what product to build? How to package it. In what words to describe it so it could be grabbed by users and consumers.

Online Platforms or CMS systems like WordPress allow you to start on a next Level of Thinking. Or You will give your time, energy, money and life into the technical detail that will belong to someone else legally. Or, you could start figuring out how to package something – meaningful, something you know.

The tricky part is to find the correct words, to tell a story or to shoot the right picture so the world could consume it. That is a thing not dependent from the technological stack – learning how to “Program People”.  Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • How to reach people?
  • What type of people you are trying to reach?
  • Where they are in most of their time?
  • What type of words to use so they could get attached and attracted to you? This could save you money for ads and time and effort.

You could watch a video about the Sneaky Level above Software Development – on YouTube.


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