Add Watermark to your Creative Content


If you publish something on the Internet – with or without Watermark, no matter what or where – you must count it as pirated. The tool presented here is small part of a functionality of a project developed 4-5 years ago, that Facebook stole. The current rework is a minimal feature – minimal step to make the life of content stealers a little bit harder.

The authors, creators or owners of the images around the Internet is often placed on the bottom right corner, because of legacy offline traditions. This makes extracting the main content – clear of watermarks extremely easy with a cropping tool offered by all major smartphone operating systems. But, if the creators have placed a semi-transparent logo that covers big area of the creative – it is still possible to steal, but a little bit harder. Probably few people have advanced photo editing tools on their Android or iOS devices. If a bad actor needs photoshop, it will take time and effort.

The current tool works in your browser and it never sends a byte outside of your device. It is located on the address:, (version in English is located here: (The logo of the tool is from pixabay). It works in three easy steps:

  1. You choose the percentage of transparency of the watermark.
  2. After that – load the main content.
  3. Finally, you need the branding image that will be placed translucent on the center. This step is cached In the Local Storage of Your Browser for future images.

If everything is OK, you should get the result of the merge. If you are on a computer, you could right click and “Save As”. On the mobile devices, you could long tap or click on the button Download /”Изтегляне”/. The tool is in Bulgarian Language, but I think it is straightforward.

P.S. It seems on some Android Phones the downloading of the result does not work. A workaround of this is to zoom and screenshot your result.

If you want some improvements of the tool in other ways or to include other formats (for example also for video), please send a feedback.


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