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Consuming WordPress JSON API

WordPress JSON API

In this article I’m gonna start explaining the WordPress JSON API. This may be useful for Theme Developers, for Application Creators, for Students and Learners.

WordPress powers up one big percentage of the Internet. Many of the users of this software product are Marketers, Sellers, Bloggers and all kinds of people outside of programming. That is the main reason why it is succeeding. But, If you are a developer, you may stop hating PHP and start using what it provides, to build something around it.

It provides admin interface for non-technical people – that the users are used to, they know how and where to search stuff. Once a user has managed one instance, he knows where are the themes, the pages, the posts, the products, the settings and more. This is a key for good User Experience. For developers, it provides a build-in REST API. Probably also useful and necessary for a lot of app developers will be the options for Authentication. I’ve heard that the Developers of WordPress are planning to integrate App Passwords. This will make Authentication & Authorization available to application creators out of the box – without more plugins.

To start developing, you may open the address https://<your WP installation>/wp-json. It is the address with the available Rest Services / Web Hooks. You may not need to do it manually yourself, because for every big enough framework or library, there is probably a module or dependency for it. New creations for developers appear every day. Learn how things are done and get your hands dirty by doing it yourself, instead of using other people’s work. For the newest developer toys, this will be the only way.

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