Secret – SEO, Marketing, Solution-focused Clickbait

Solution-focused Clickbait

The Secret is to target the SEO, Marketing, Practical, Solution-focused – Click-bait. Whatever you do, you could naturally and without fakeness ask yourself – how to or how do I practice this? Someone, somewhere in the world doesn’t know. And nowadays, with the presence of internet search engines, people WILL ask the Internet. Having formulated the same questions, knowing and practicing the answer – will guide the world to you.

Big Questions

There is a saying – “The quality of answer depends on the quality of the question”. Quality is again too abstract without specifying in what aspect and for whom. Be concrete, the deep in the detail and the practicality of the question, and you will probability hit bull’s eye on the solution. Here are some questions defined there as needs – too broad and non-specific from a previous article:

How to know yourself and help others in technical aspect in their development work and beyond?

The “Self” is undefinable and search for meaning is unproductive in practical sense. You could control your current body and mind and embrace what is in-front of your eyes fully. Find the solution for your own problems and you’ll be free and more knowledgeable to help others that have the same obstacles. What is paradoxically true is that – this is true even in deep, technical, details as programming code.

Small Questions

Resolving the small problems will create a solid base to step on to look up and ask the bigger questions. The answers to the smaller questions are easier to find yourself and to write them down, describe them with close to zero subjectivity. Analyze this Internet querying from Psychological and Search Engine Optimization aspect.

What people actually search for?

People try to find the solution to their own problems. What exact words do everybody uses and in which natural (human) language? Can you formulate them exactly and attach the exact answer to them?

Algorithmic part of SEO vs human factor

There is algorithmic part of SEO:

  1. Optimize code for speed of execution.
  2. Customers and users forget to leave your application after you’ve designed the UI for UX.
  3. Place Microdata because the search engine robots will better “understand” the content – in more structured way.
  4. Adding hyperlinks back to your content in top rated web sites.

And – there is the human factor that this solution-focused question-answering could help. If you use the right words, people will come. Put only empty content and you’ll be click-baiting. Stay close to the ground and focus on concrete and practical details that pass the tests. Have a lot of working showcases and examples and you’ll will raise above the fishing, above the tricking and manipulating sea.


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