How to Create Simple Web Site – Tool

Tool for Simple Web Site

There are ton of Tools for Creating Simple Web Site or Sites on the Internet. The current one creates pages that act like [Web] Apps. It will have main section with your content and a top menu for desktop or a side menu for mobile.

You’ll need to create a simple registration. After having a User Profile, you could create your Web Sites.

Here I present you some screenshots of simple workflow and usage of the app:

Login PageRegister PageList of Simple Web SitesList of Simple Web Site - One Web Site ExampleCreate Simple Web PageThe List of Web Pages of the entered Web SiteThe created Web Site The created Web Site - with opened the side navigation

The Web Site Data Model is more of a top level wrapper for your Web Pages. You could type in some common information and the idea of the web pages.

After that you could create Several Web Pages – or more precisely said – Web Sections. Each Section could have an Image, Title And the Content.

And that’s it. The features integrated are not a lot but the purpose of the tool is just that – to be as simple as possible.

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