How to Change the Theme in the Big Operating Systems

Big Operating Systems - Themes

As we wrote in our first article having dark and light Theme Modes has become important user experience element of every user interface framework.

Change the Theme Setting

Windows 10

Click on the [Window Button] and search Settings.

Search Settings in Windows 10

From the list of items – select Personalization.

Select Personalization from the Settings Menu

From the list in the left Select Colors.

Select Colors

In the Colors Section There is a Combo/Select called [Choose your Color]. Change to Dark, Light or Custom.

Change Theme Change Theme Combo box


Click on the Launchpad and Open System Preferences. From the menu Open the General Icon.

General System Preferences

On the Top there is an Appearance Section. From there you could control the Theme Mode – Light, Dark and Auto.

Dark Theme Light Theme





Ubuntu Linux

You could read how to change the Themes on Ubuntu in this article:

The Change Theme Menu in the Appearance Settings is present in the latest versions of the OS. You may be running an older version and you probably don’t want to upgrade and break other things. Then – execute the several commands and tools needed to make it work described in the above article.

Ultimately – there is an Extension of Chrome called Dark Reader, that does the job. It not only good tool for the Ubuntu Desktop, but it is also good for the other OSes. It reads the system flag and it applies the appropriate theme on other legacy web sites that currently don’t have integrated this feature.


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