How to Fit into Roles & Positions

Roles & Positions

In this article I’m gonna talk about Roles & Positions in Companies, Organizations, Institutions. When you see the big picture, you don’t hate, you don’t blame, you don’t overpraise or holy bless the worm pinned onto the fishing hook. You see the good & the bad. You try to get the best of every aspect.

Working in a company with well defined Roles & Positions is a good thing. That way is best accomplished and done – detailed, well defined, specific task in a business, product development and whatever process or area. Having a role narrows down the responsibility, from – handling everything – to – just execute some small specific detail of the work.

There is a saying that you need 10 000 hours of practice of something to become good at it. Jumping in a technical hole – programming, design, marketing, singing or whatever helps mute every other aspect and become a master.

A negative aspect of having a role is limiting the salary. We live in an economic world and everything is equated to price. No work has specific evaluation. There is – how many people can do it, how desired a job is, how much the society needs it, how well the people are negotiating. Having others open to work at some rate limits how much you could ask.

A neutral aspect of roles and positions is fixing an issue outside of the written words and contracts between the corporate entities. In general, an employee could declined to do whatever work he is given that is not written in the contract he has signed. It is worker protection aspect – from overuse and abuse of the managers and employers. And there is also over-reacting of the employee – to become lazy and non-productive, to ask for more money, to quit or manipulate or anything he likes. Being strict and tough is generally a good thing, so the machine to not squish you.

Another aspect is distancing from reality. Is the project about your values, something important for life, or is it just about some complex words painted in the minds and money?

You are not the role that you are given. That’s one is tricky and it goes down to psychology and the other roles of an individual – outside of the work and the corporate environment. What is the better way to fit into a role – to recognize it is a role and to play it (with it) or to lose yourself into the role and play it unconsciously?

Having the reality viewed from variety of ways could help you do the role that you are given within a specific organization or environment, but having in mind how it fits into the big picture may give you more possibilities to grow beyond the current roles and positions. Good Luck!

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