Automation in the Programming Process

Automating the Programming Process

This Web Site will contain a lot of content and products around software and programming with an automation as a goal. Some of the articles probably will be description/tutorials of the products and services that we offer or technologies and frameworks. The tutorials and articles will contain source code and architectural findings, suggestions and overviews about projects, web-sites, programming languages, frameworks and even topics beyond programming.

Our main goal is to find things that could be Automated with code and save some time from being wasted. There are a lot of tasks that are executed over and over again. It may be on the computers of the developers, the rented servers or on the computers of the normal non-technical users. Automating the Programming Process is our initial step – to save our own time. We hope to also save the time of every day individuals.

We try to identify the repeating flows and package the work into products and services – that will increase productivity. This will save our professional time & life and hopefully we will reach your life too.

Example tools that we offer that are made for developers:

  • Database Application Generator – Outputs CRUD code of entered by the users data models in the frameworks selected – Android, Flutter, Spring, more..
  • TranslateApp – a tool for keeping in one place Application Translations and it also outputs the platform specific files – for Java, Android, iOS, Flutter, JSON, (more could be added after feature request)

Hopefully, all of the tools we produce will be automatic. This means they will do the job immediately – as you command them, or a-synchronically – with the help of a background services or job schedulers. Human participation from our side in the whole usage will be only in the beginning – at creating them. Well, maybe also at improving them.

We are here for any problems or for feedback and improvements of the tools. In the ideal case – all will work without us. Nobody wants to be glued to a computer you know …

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