Common Sense Definition

Like many other things – Common Sense – is a very vague concept. It is subjective and ever changing and expanding. Wikipedia describes it as the information that is shared among most of the people. While in many areas this the best advice, there are certain cases and things that the common knowledge falls behind. Especially in today world with so much noise, miss-information, and shallow understanding what is real, what is important, the public is easily confused and tricked.

Every individual should think for himself first. You have studied In biology, in the cells – there is a membrane that stops unwanted external particles and allows only specific, approved cells to get in. Any person should have such high level of thinking.

It is a little bit magical mind set – one should not accept as true everything that he is listening to – even if the other person seems valid at first. One criteria could be the source. Other – what is the end goal of the communicator. There are a ton of other reasons and I’m gonna describe several of the clues to look out for in this blog with the hope of rise up the common intelligence.

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