From the article about Data Modelling ( Read More
Exchange Tracker – Simple Native Android App for tracking the items you given to others or items you... Read More
Simple Video Converter – Java Tool to transform between video file formats. Free options found on In... Read More
Simple QR Code Generator | Desktop & Android App (+Free PWApp). You’ll get an executable build. ... Read More
Podcasting Platform where, after registration, you could create Different Artists, Channels of creat... Read More
A place to hire someone or to be hired
Content Management System for tagging stuff around the world and making them available to others.
Organize Notes in Folders. This is online version of my app in terms of data structure / information... Read More
Place to add a Quote from famous individuols or from not so famous ones.
Enter your places, the stuff you keep in those places and after some time - if you need some of your... Read More
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