Backuper by Program Tom Ltd
Backuper is a desktop application that can compress your working folders into an archive and move th... Read More
Translate an App by Program Tom Ltd
Manage translations of mobile and desktop applications and web sites from centralized place
Generate... Read More
BitSy by Program Tom Ltd
The problem

Security is an illusion. Control is an illusion, power, freedom, choice ...

If we look... Read More
Personal Budget App by Program Tom Ltd
Application for Personal budget for your every device
- Add Wallets, Incomes, Expenses, view how you... Read More
Share Youtube links on Facebook with big... by Toma Velev
The tool has the following options:
Enter the title and the description that will appear in Facebook... Read More
Ели - Система за автоматизация на дома by Toma Velev
Използвай телефон, таблет, компютър. Наглеждай домът си, без значение къде се намираш (по света или ... Read More
Smile / Усмихни се :) by Program Tom Ltd
It is important to smile -
This application for your camera detects when you smile. If you do not sm... Read More
Better Habits - Android Application by Program Tom Ltd
You are your habits.
The purpose of this application is to help you build better habits, by notifyin... Read More
Toma Velev's Blog by Toma Velev
I've created a custom - personal blogging platform.I write about Programming, Philosophy, Marke... Read More
What You Eat by Program Tom Ltd
Everyone who wants to live well, should first and foremost take care about his health. The food that... Read More
Calorie balance by Program Tom Ltd
Въвеждайте какво ядете всеки ден и следете да не ядете повече от колкото е необходимо.
Тази програма... Read More
Offline Notes by Program Tom Ltd
Notes app with a local synchronization feature. This way all your notes will never leave your local ... Read More
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