Strong Password Generator by Toma Velev
Generated New Strong Random Password
Image Extractor App by Toma Velev
Simple Desktop App for Extracting Images from a public URL address or from the HTML of the Web Page.... Read More
File Waiter by Toma Velev
File Waiter – Serve or Upload Files Between a Computer & Other Devices
Listen to me by Program Tom Ltd
Podcasting Platform where, after registration, you could create Different Artists, Channels of creat... Read More
Job Market by Program Tom Ltd
A place to hire someone or to be hired
Препоръчване на книги by Toma Velev
Приложение за препоръчване и даване на мнение за книги. Приложението използва базата данни на chitan... Read More
Tag Everything by Program Tom Ltd
Content Management System for tagging stuff around the world and making them available to others.
Folder & Notes by Program Tom Ltd
Organize Notes in Folders. This is online version of my app in terms of data structure / information... Read More
Quote App by Program Tom Ltd
Place to add a Quote from famous individuols or from not so famous ones.
Stuff Organizer by Program Tom Ltd
Enter your places, the stuff you keep in those places and after some time - if you need some of your... Read More
Car Market by Program Tom Ltd
Small place to buy or sell a car.
Job Market CMS by Program Tom Ltd
Place to enter if you search or offer job positions or offerings. They will  be grouped by a tree of... Read More
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